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Specializing in unique finishes

We exclusively use quality materials with finishes that inspire

you, your clients and team members to say WOW!  

And with each WOW, they remember your brand.  

Reflective Vinyl

Shines ultra bright in direct light!
Available in solid colors, as well as a rainbow reflective.

Metallic Foil

Foil designs create a stunning, shiny finish.
Available in vibrant and saturated colors.

Matte Vinyl

Best for apparel, matte heat-transfer vinyl comes in a
wide variety of bold colors and a smooth, classy finish.

Glitter Vinyl

Glitter is the way to go if you want some sparkle. It's also great when used underneath a rhinestone layer to amplify shine! Available in a variety of colors; high quality material that does not "shed" glitter specks.


Rhinestones catch the light and offer the ultimate in bling. Available in dozens of stunning colors in high quality Diamond-Cut Stones.

Color-changing vinyl

Color-changing vinyl offers a fun surprise!
It comes in a wide spectrum of colors!

Holographic & Iridescent Vinyl

Shiny and mesmerizing. Perfect for a baby-safe rhinestone effect!
Available in a variety of holographic patterns.

Materials: My Clients
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